Flow & Context

The ‘nomad collective’ is an idea a long time in the making. It is designed for spiritual nomads who want to move on to a new place to grow from. A global pandemic has made everything more challenging. The idea of a collective is to support each other individually and as a community.

Some underlying principles:

Time is limited and time is unlimited. Our sessions will be only 59 minutes long (including some small group breakout time.) We need to leave room for everyone to participate. Time is unlimited because you can live in reflection during every waking hour. There isn’t any “home” work, it is nomad work.

Sharing and privacy. It is good to identify when you don’t want something shared outside of the group.

Spirit. Our spirit is one of unconditional positive regard. We value each other even though we might not always agree. We will listen and try to understand. We will not have time enough to be overcome by disagreement.

Generous Welcoming Spaces. Everyone is welcome to participate equally.

Energy. Bring your best energy to the collective, the small group, and to impacting your lived experiences throughout the week.


Initial Greetings and Introductions. (first session)

A Nomad Overview. (first session) There were 3 of us, we are looking for a few more, and hoping for an uncertain future. Our approach is experimental. We are seeking to discover what works. This is a pilot project aimed at developing ‘community.’ It is related to a Master of Theological Studies program through the University of Waterloo, but it does not have to be the least bit ‘theological.’

The End of the Story at the Beginning. See the ‘icons.’

Session Theme. Look at a concept per week. Address a question. (For example, what is your north star?) Plan to live it through the week and return to remember it the following week.

Smaller Group Breakout. Discuss the theme as a smaller group.

Reconvene. Bring some thoughts back to the larger group.

Finish in 59! minutes in recognition of the time demands on people.

We are trying to design a tool that recognizes and uses mobility. Low demand, high impact. The place where it all happens is in your daily lived experience. We just want to be the spark.